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My entire life has been a whirlwind of experiences but at the heart of it all I have always wanted the very best for everyone around me.  With this kind of heart - one of my many experiences was often "disappointment" because very often I wanted more for others then they wanted for themselves. However, I took that fuel and flamed a fire into this organization where I have the opportunity to use different forums to portray my message of women encouragement & empowerment daily. 



I started out very early in ministry. As the years went on I realized that I developed a love and I had a calling behind what God had put in my heart - to work with youth and other women.

In 2007, I realized it was time for me to "make my mark" in the world.  I headed up the women's ministry in my church.

During this time I was also taking college courses and  I begin to make connections between the lives of the individuals around me and my theoretical knowledge from my courses. I often asked myself how can I connect the two? 

My answer: I decided to create PINK, PEARLS & CURLS - beyond the walls of ministry.  


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Character Reviews

Knowledge will give you power but CHARACTER will give you respect.


I love Nettae! I admire the way her mind works and her creativity gets me a little jealous. She has definitely showed me how to think about the bigger picture and lose my self doubt. Her energy is contagious and she is a trendsetter whenever she goes.
— Co-Worker
Mrs. Evans taught my son when he was in 1st grade. He had a hard year in Kindergarten but thanks to Mrs. Evans my son has remained on grade level and is currently in middle school.
— Parent & Mother of Three
Tae Tae has always been a “go getter” and leader of her pack since she was a teenager. She has always been creative, smart, talented and willing to learn... you will not be disappointed in her business venture.
— Former Youth Leader