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Nettae is the visionary behind Pink, Pearls & Curls, LLC. Please stay connected with us and support our podcast, webniars and even our in person events.

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Nettae has been with S'ken for over 10 years. We've courted for five "long" years and that has assured the survival of the ministry of marriage.

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I really did not think that I was going to be able to handle it, when I brought my baby girl home. I already had a one year old running around the house for goodness sake. What in God's name was I going to do with two under two?

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Lady Nettae

A week of fashion tips from Lady Nettae!


Royal in Blue


As pastor’s wife I don’t always feel like wearing the two piece suit and the hat. Many Sunday’s I just spice it up with a little shirt and skirt!

I had a pleated skirt that had been sitting in my closet for weeks. I decided to pull it out and pair it with a floral shirt. Yes - a floral shirt in the winter. “I CARE NOT” in my Helen voice. Finally, I paired it with a simple pair of royal blue pumps.


Jumpsuit Praise


This day I was feeling unprofessional & tired. So, I pulled out my polka dot jumpsuit. I knew I needed a splash of color so that crop top that I can’t where anywhere else - I put it to great us under the jumpsuit.

The boots were a nice calm to the rain storm that was happening outside that day.


The modest Mini


You may say - How can a mini be modest?

Easy - Thick Tights or Ankle Length Cardigan.

Green Mini Dress

Cream Crop Top Sweater

Grey Thick Tights

Taupe Booties

String Pearls

It's a mom thing.png

Liquid Vitimins

We all want our babies to grow up healthy and strong. Are we fueling them with the right stuff?

If not hit up Amazon and order this…

Liquid Multi-Vitamins

Liquid Multi-Vitamins

“mommy’s Tired” Breakfast

If you are a mom, I am almost certain that you lack the proper amount of sleep on a daily bases.

When you need a quick breakfast for your babies:

Instant Grits w/ Cheese & Butter

Instant Grits w/ Cheese & Butter