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Lady Nettae

A week of fashion tips from Lady Nettae!


Royal in Blue


As pastor’s wife I don’t always feel like wearing the two piece suit and the hat. Many Sunday’s I just spice it up with a little shirt and skirt!

I had a pleated skirt that had been sitting in my closet for weeks. I decided to pull it out and pair it with a floral shirt. Yes - a floral shirt in the winter. “I CARE NOT” in my Helen voice. Finally, I paired it with a simple pair of royal blue pumps.


Jumpsuit Praise


This day I was feeling unprofessional & tired. So, I pulled out my polka dot jumpsuit. I knew I needed a splash of color so that crop top that I can’t where anywhere else - I put it to great us under the jumpsuit.

The boots were a nice calm to the rain storm that was happening outside that day.


The modest Mini


You may say - How can a mini be modest?

Easy - Thick Tights or Ankle Length Cardigan.

Green Mini Dress

Cream Crop Top Sweater

Grey Thick Tights

Taupe Booties

String Pearls