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The Podcast

Welcome to the positivity parlor we are excited that you are here today. Its been lovely having you walking along side us throughout this journey.

Pearl… you are amazing, stay positive and keep those pearls of wisdom in your back-pocket - when things get rough.


Season 1

Relationships: Part I

2018 Summer Series on relationships (career, intimate and friendships/ social). We deep dived into what to spot check for to ensure that your relationships are happy & healthy.


Season 2

Reflections: Part II

We reflect on day to day experiences that women, mean and people face and how to respond to the them. Things to think through to ensure that we are living our best position life.


Season 3

Going Backwards: Part III

We are “often tossed and driven on a restless sea of time”, however, it is how we respond to those moments that show us our true character. Get ready to do some soul searching and character check with this series.