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It isn’t easy wearing the PEARLS!



To all the girls wearing their Pearls, I salute you!

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The Positivity Parlor

Here, all “Positive Patty’s” are welcomed. Lady Nettae keeps em’ coming back for me with her personal narratives that make you think. Be prepared to gain “Pearls of Wisdom” that you can share with a friend.

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The Vlog

Dear First Lady’s, Future Ladies and Christian Wives. Be ready to tackle topics that might not be covered before walking down the aisle.

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My first year as a “First Lady”

My first year as a “First Lady”

The Mission

My entire life has been a whirlwind of experiences but at the heart of it all I have always wanted the very best for everyone around me.  With this kind of heart - one of my many experiences was often "disappointment" because I usually wanted more for others than they wanted for themselves. However, I took that fuel and flamed a fire into “Pink, Pearls & Curls” where I have the opportunity to use different forums to portray my message of “women empowerment”  daily.

When the pieces started to connect…

When the pieces started to connect…

It all started when…

I finally understood how the pieces begin to connect.

I started out very early in ministry. As the years went on I recognized a love for ministry and a desire to help the women in my circle. God had put a zeal in my heart!

In 2007, it was time for me to "make my mark" in the world.  I headed up the women's ministry in my church.

During this time I was also taking college courses and  I begin to make connections between the lives of the individuals around me and my theoretical knowledge. I’d often asked myself how can I connect the two? 

My answer: PINK, PEARLS & CURLS - beyond the four walls of church building.


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